Tours are mainly offered in Tobago, although special requested Tours from Tobago to Trinidad can be accommodated. 

All tours are suited to match the interest of the client, and are flexible to the schedules and physical mobility of each participant.

Tours feature informative commentary on and lead to wildlife "hot-spots" to best witness the native flora & fauna of the islands, including its many resident birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, plants and other groups of tropical wildlife species. 

In addition to his knowledge on the terrestrial nature of the islands, he also offers relevant information on the cultural and historical heritage of both Trinidad and Tobago.  Experiences he is keen to share.

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About the Owner

Owner and Guide Jason Radix is one of the country's well known naturalist guides.  His experience spans over two decades, beginning his career in 1991 as a part-time guide at the world renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge, eventually becoming the Senior Naturalist before moving into Hotel Management.

Jason is widely recognized for his broad and detailed knowledge of the rich Natural History of Trinidad and Tobago, and is a Certified Interpretive Guide with the internationally recognized National Interpretive Association (NAI). 

His experience as a guide has enabled him the ability to lead groups of experts and amateurs alike; conducting local tours for some of the World's famous visiting naturalist authorities including Sir David Attenborough and Bill Oddie.

His communication skill and rounded knowledge on several fields of nature enables him the talent to communicate interesting facts about native wildlife and the habitats which abounds on both islands; this he generously demonstrates in all his tours (and lectures).